Apple Tree Dental Responds to the Crisis in Children’s Dental Health

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As a recent study shows that more children lack preventive dental care, Apple Tree Dental is responding by taking care to Head Start centers, schools and other outreach sites

The study, conducted by the Delta Dental Plan Association, shows that two-thirds of children who are at higher risk of developing cavities aren’t getting recommended preventive dental care. The result is that 27 percent of children through age 18 are at a higher risk of developing cavities as measured by a history of recent fillings. Of those children:

*   65 percent did not receive two fluoride treatments per year.
*   68 percent of 6- to 9-year-olds didn’t receive sealants on their first permanent molars.
*   85 percent of those ages 10 to 14 didn’t receive sealants on their second permanent molars.

Apple Tree Dental has expanded its outreach to children in areas around its centers in Minnesota and California. The regular exams and treatment of children’s dental health is an important element of overall health we cannot afford to neglect.

For more information about one of our outreach programs, click this link:

To read the study news release, click on this links:

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